You go through a little , you go through a lot
Keeping calm amidst the chaos ? certainly an art
When your mind takes you places , how do you cope? what is that you do ?when you lose all hope.

wipe those tears, fight the low! compose yourself ,stay intact.

Strength envelops and you sense the pain retract.

Break those walls! feel the warmth travel in.

Take that first step and let the healing begin.



Appeared in my dream , you seem fine.

What are you made of ? Whole lot of sunshine 🌞

You make a gesture , I am all smiles

My heart somehow has travelled miles

You grab my hand and that’s all it takes

Why did you let go ? For heaven’s sakes

I quiver at the loss ,that’s your cue

Make me feel warm again , it’s long due.



Falling in I couldn’t help , always knew there is no hope

Falling out has been a ride ! Never knew I could cope

Closer in thoughts yet , so far away

What could have been if you did stay?

Didn’t make it easy , didn’t make it hard

Went on deep but never scarred

Things fall apart , what’s to be keen ?

It’s the most selfless I have ever been



Strong ,weak and everything in between
Ask have you been?

Closed eyes and the mind stars wandering
You somehow know there is no bettering

All the sleep your questions are stealing
You try harder and the head starts reeling

Maybe it gets better or maybe it doesn't
Ask yourself..if you already haven't



What do you say when words fail you
How to hold back when it's long due

It’s eerie that you are the calm
All the choas outside is of no harm

Trying hard to catch you but all in vain
Too bad you are on a different lane

All that pefection makes me shiver
You intend to make me a saint or a sinner?



What can I do if I dream of you
Should certainly be not allowed to

What is it like in sweet dreams
there can’t be any agony screams

There is no such thing as sleeping bliss
eye lids are shut but you are amiss

Jolting up to senses I find no wound
It's high time I know I am doomed